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Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy With Pediatric Crowns in Littleton

Our mission at Sprout and Bloom is to provide the highest level of dental care we can to our young patients. If we need to repair dental damage from tooth decay or injury, we want to do it in the best way possible. Sometimes that means placing Littleton pediatric crowns. If a crown is needed, we’ll carefully explain the procedure to you and your child. Plus, we’ll ensure you understand all the benefits of a crown, including:

  • Rebuilding your child’s tooth to give them back a complete smile
  • Enabling your child to bite and chew more easily, without any discomfort
  • Protecting a damaged tooth from further problems
  • Maintaining a healthy pathway for their adult tooth to develop
  • Giving you peace of mind about your child’s oral health

If your little one has a damaged tooth, call Sprout and Bloom today at 720-615-6087 to schedule an appointment for them. Our office is located close to several schools, including Powderhorn Elementary, Summit Ridge Middle, and Dakota Ridge High. Walmart is just next door also.

Children’s Crowns Repair Substantial Dental Damage

Even though your child will only have their baby teeth for a short time, it is important that they remain in good shape. Keeping these teeth healthy will help ensure that your child’s adult teeth develop properly and their gums stay healthy.

For many repairs to baby teeth, especially taking care of cavities, a simple filling will do the trick. We’ll remove the decayed portion of the tooth and place a filling in the area to prevent further problems. Silver diamine fluoride (SDF) can also be painted on cavities to stop their development and seal the tooth.

However, for more extensive damage to baby teeth, often resulting from injury or untreated cavities, we may need to repair it with a pediatric crown. A crown will completely cover the damaged tooth to strengthen it, restore your child’s chewing power, and help them avoid other issues with the tooth. A crown can also be used along with SDF treatment as a non-invasive way to treat a cavity.

Here’s the process for placing a crown on your child’s tooth:

  • If needed, we can give your child laughing gas to help them relax. We also offer the option of general anesthesia to keep them completely unaware of their procedure.
  • Dr. Alli will numb the area we’re working on, to ensure your child doesn’t feel any discomfort.
  • She will clean the area, remove the damaged portion of the tooth, and carefully shape the tooth so it provides a sturdy base for the crown.
  • After the tooth is prepped, Dr. Alli will use dental cement to secure a pre-sized, stainless steel crown to the tooth. Zirconia crowns may also be used for better aesthetics. She will make sure the shape and size of the crown fits your child’s mouth and doesn’t interfere with their bite.
  • The crown will stay in place until the baby tooth comes out on its own. Then an adult tooth will take its place soon after.

Pediatric crowns in Littleton protect and strengthen kids’ baby teeth. Call Sprout and Bloom today at 720-615-6087 if your child has a damaged baby tooth. You can also make an appointment online. Be sure to ask about our in-house membership plan, which will save you money on your child’s treatment.

Common Questions About Pediatric Crowns

What can a pediatric dental crown fix?

Children can easily damage their teeth as a result of horsing around, by playing sports, or an accident of some kind. A crown can be used to treat an injured tooth that is cracked, broken, or damaged in some way. It can also treat large cavities or repair a tooth that was damaged due to an infection. It will remain in place until your child’s adult teeth come in.

Why is a pediatric crown necessary?

A pediatric crown will help your child smile, chew, and bite normally again. It’s often a preferred way to restore your child’s grin, because if their baby teeth are removed too soon, it can lead to orthodontic problems later down the road. A crown acts as a placeholder until your child’s permanent teeth are ready to erupt.

How much does a pediatric crown cost?

It is nearly impossible to give you an accurate estimate for your child’s pediatric crown without performing an exam and taking a set of X-rays. After we have had the chance to assess your child’s situation and talk to you about their smile needs, we’ll give you an estimate on their treatment and discuss payment options so you can decide what’s best for you and your child.

Is getting a pediatric crown painful?

At Sprout and Bloom, we do all we can to keep our young patients comfortable. First of all, we’ll apply anesthetic to the area we’re working on so that they don’t feel anything. Secondly, we’ll proceed at a pace your child is comfortable with, taking time to answer questions and fully explain what we’re doing so that both you and they can feel at ease during their treatment.

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