Safely Treat Your Child’s Pediatric Tongue-Tie in Littleton

If your infant is having trouble breastfeeding or your child is picky about foods, it may be a sign they have a pediatric tongue-tie in Littleton. At Sprout and Bloom, your dentist is passionate about helping families solve problems associated with tongue-ties due to her own children’s experience. Like her, you will find this procedure can:

  • Help your child speak more clearly
  • Allow your child to get more restful sleep
  • Make breastfeeding more pleasant for both of you
  • Encourage your child to try more new foods
  • Make it easier for your child to maintain a healthy weight

While the idea of removing a tongue-tie may sound like a scary procedure, with our use of safe and comfortable laser technology, you have nothing to worry about. Call 720-637-1760 for an appointment to discuss how this procedure can help you and your child.

Solve Your Child’s Tongue-Tie Problems With a Frenectomy

A tongue-tie is often misdiagnosed as other problems. You may be told your child just has trouble latching on while nursing or, if they are older, that they are just a picky eater. By treating the tongue-tie early on, you can avoid problems later down the road. Tongue-ties can cause or worsen speech problems, difficulties sleeping and eating, orthodontic problems, and more.

Dr. Davis uses a laser to perform a frenectomy, a procedure in which the tissue tying the tongue down is removed. Laser treatment is safer than the traditional tongue-tie fixes. You can expect benefits such as:

  • Less swelling and discomfort so the healing time is quicker
  • More precise results with little if any bleeding
  • Shortened surgery time and less risk of infection

Typically infants are ready to nurse and older children ready to play right after their treatment. Your dentist will explain the required stretches to get the best results from the frenectomy. She’ll also schedule follow-up appointments to ensure your child’s healing is going smoothly.

You can also trust Dr. Davis to work directly with your child’s ENT doctor or other specialists to ensure successful resolution of issues caused by the tongue-tie. Her goal is for your child to achieve their full potential and for you to experience the same positive results she had from her child’s laser frenectomy.

To address your child’s tongue-tie in Littleton, call 720-637-1760 today to schedule an appointment. You can also  schedule online.