Special Needs Care
  • Bring your child to a compassionate dental team
  • Receive treatment specific to your child’s needs
  • Establish a dental home for comfortable care
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Give Your Child Special Needs Care in Littleton

Your child deserves to have a healthy smile and receive excellent dental care. However, we understand that some children require special needs care in Littleton that only a dentist experienced in this type of treatment can provide. At Sprout and Bloom, Dr. Alli has a passion for helping children with special needs. In dental school she was awarded the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship, during which she designed and implemented an oral hygiene program for kids with intellectual and emotional disabilities in Los Angeles.

Our treatment will:

  • Ensure your child gets comfortable with the dentist at an early age
  • Cater to your child’s specific needs for dental care
  • Take your child’s medical history into consideration
  • Help your child feel at ease in our office and with our team
  • Keep your child’s smile healthy and beautiful

For a compassionate partner in dental care, call us today at 720-615-6087 to schedule an appointment.

Give Your Child the Care They Deserve

Whether your child uses a wheelchair or walker, has a condition like autism or Down syndrome, or has an injury that requires more than the standard protocol, our team is specifically trained to handle their dental care. We can schedule extra time, use specific rooms for their visit, and otherwise better prepare for your arrival on the day of their appointment. Here’s what our procedure for your child’s appointment looks like:

  • Before your child arrives for their official appointment, we can arrange a visit to help your child feel comfortable in our office and meet Dr. Alli and our team.
  • Dr. Alli will need all the information you can provide about your child’s dental and overall health, including when their first tooth came in and their current oral care routine.
  • If it will help avoid trauma or unnecessary complications, we can discuss sedation options for your child prior to their treatment.
  • Once your child is comfortable, we will perform a thorough cleaning and exam. We’ll remove plaque and tartar and examine their mouth for signs of cavities, gum disease, and other oral health issues.
  • After the cleaning and exam, we’ll discuss any necessary treatments and recommendations for a follow-up appointment. If there are no further issues to address, we’ll schedule another appointment in six months.

For special needs care in Littleton, schedule an appointment with Sprout and Bloom today by calling 720-615-6087. You can also schedule one online. If your child is a new patient, you can take advantage of our special offer for a cleaning, exam, and two X-rays for only $109. This special is free for children under the age of 3 and does not include X-rays. Be sure to ask about our membership plan which covers the cost of preventive care and offers discounts on other treatments.

Common Questions About Special Needs Care

What is special needs dentistry?

Special needs dentistry treats patients with cognitive, physical, medical, or developmental needs that require special care and attention during their dentist appointment. A dentist with training in special needs dentistry can make accommodations that focus on treating the patient within their personal limitations. This can mean introducing your special needs child to the staff before their appointment as well as giving them gentle sedation to avoid unnecessary complications during treatment.

How will special needs dentistry help my child?

Whatever your child’s special needs, we can accomodate them to make sure they have a comfortable appointment. We can give them extra time to meet the staff and become familiar with our office before the appointment begins. In addition, Dr. Alli can recommend ways to maintain the health of their smile, address any dental problems caused by medication, and recommend teeth cleaning and gum care tips you can practice at home.

How does medication impact my child’s oral health?

Certain liquid medicines for kids have a syrup base that has added sugar. If the medication isn’t properly rinsed out or brushed off your child’s teeth, it can result in cavities. Other medications can have side effects such as dry mouth or a reduction in saliva. This can lead to dental problems, since saliva washes away food particles and bacteria.

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