Pediatric Dental Emergencies
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Count on Us for Pediatric Dental Emergencies in Littleton

A dental disaster can happen at any time, and usually when you least expect it. However, you don’t have to be unprepared for pediatric dental emergencies in Littleton. It will help to have the name and number of an expert dentist handy when the time comes. In our area, that’s Dr. Alli at Sprout and Bloom. She only treats kids, so she is well equipped to handle any dental problems your child comes in with. Here are a few reasons to make us your destination for emergency dental care:

  • We offer same-day appointments in most cases. Plus, established patients can be seen after hours and on weekends.
  • Our team loves working with children and we’ll do all we can to make their experience with us pleasant – and that includes doing magic tricks!
  • Sedation is available to help your child relax. Laughing gas will ease their anxiety and give them a smooth visit.
  • Your child can take advantage of TVs and a light wall for entertainment, as well as miniature furniture that’s just their size.

Call us now if your child has a dental emergency: 720-615-6087. We are close to several neighborhood schools, including Powderhorn Elementary, Summit Ridge Middle, and Dakota Ridge High.

Get Expert Care for Your Child’s Dental Emergency

It doesn’t matter what the problem is; if your child is hurting, our team will do all we can to help them feel better. Over the years, Dr. Alli has treated many types of dental emergencies, so she will take excellent care of your child when the need arises. Below are some common dental crises, as well as immediate steps to take before your child’s appointment:

  • Toothache – Rinse their mouth with warm water, then apply ice to the outside of their cheek to help with pain and swelling. A toothache could be a sign of a dental abscess, so call our office as soon as possible.
  • Broken Permanent Tooth – Collect any pieces of the tooth and bring it to their appointment. Ice will help alleviate discomfort and swelling.
  • Knocked-Out Permanent Tooth – Being careful to only touch the tooth by the crown (white part), place it in a container of milk or salt water. Be sure to bring it to the appointment.
  • Soft Tissue Injury – Apply gauze or a moist tea bag to stop any bleeding. If bleeding doesn’t stop in a few minutes, go to the nearest emergency room or urgent treatment center.

Receive fast help for pediatric dental emergencies in Littleton. Call Sprout and Bloom now at 720-615-6087 for an appointment. For non-emergency needs, you can also make an appointment online.

Common Questions About Pediatric Dental Emergencies

Can you help with my child’s dental emergency?

Over our decades of service, we have helped countless patients with their dental emergencies. If you bring your child to us in pain, we’ll eliminate it and put their smile back on track just like we have for so many other patients. Our dentist and staff members are fully trained to provide your child with the best treatment possible, as fast as possible.

What can you do for my child’s dental emergency?

We’ll do our best to treat your child on the same day. We’ll examine them with technology like digital X-rays to identify their problem and plan their treatment. Then we’ll treat them with the appropriate procedure, often a restorative service. Before treatment, we can administer local anesthesia to help relax your child and ease their pain.

What are common dental emergencies?

Any situation where your child is in pain or may suffer lasting damage to a tooth without speedy treatment is an emergency. Some of the most common emergencies include cracked or broken teeth and toothaches. A toothache can signal problems like severe decay or even infection. In many cases we can offer you a same-day appointment. We’ll want to see your child ASAP so we can diagnose their problem and get them feeling better.

What if I have a dental emergency without insurance?

Just because you don’t have dental insurance doesn’t mean you shouldn’t receive the same level of care as someone who does. We’ll happily treat your dental emergency, and we provide several payment options to take care of the cost, including third-party financing through CareCredit and an in-house membership plan. We’ll do our best to make sure you get the care you need.

Can I help my child prevent dental emergencies?

No one can anticipate every possible dental emergency, but you can take steps to reduce your odds of having such a problem. Following ADA recommendations – brushing and flossing daily and getting regular dental cleanings – reduces your risk of tooth infections and gum disease. Plus, wearing athletic mouthguards during sports can protect your teeth from injuries.

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