Nutrition for Healthy Teeth
  • Learn which foods to avoid to prevent cavities
  • Evaluate ways to improve your child’s diet
  • Develop good eating habits to improve overall health
Build Healthy Habits For Life

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Encourage Good Nutrition for Healthy Teeth in Littleton

When it comes to having a healthy smile, what you eat and drink makes a huge difference. That’s why we value education so much at Sprout and Bloom. When you bring your child to see us for their cleaning and exam, we will teach them about the foods and beverages that cause cavities and other dental problems later down the road. With good nutrition for healthy teeth in Littleton, you can:

  • Promote long-term oral health and overall well-being
  • Help prevent cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease
  • Form good eating habits with the help of a well-balanced diet
  • Identify foods and beverages you need to limit

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Improve Your Child’s Smile & Overall Health With Nutritious Foods

A diet lacking in good nutrition can be detrimental to your child’s oral health and overall health. Disease-causing bacteria loves overly processed, starchy, and sugary foods and drinks like candies, chips, and soda. A good rule of thumb to consider – if it’s good for your child’s body, it’s usually good for their teeth. Here are a few of the foods we recommend adding to your child’s diet and how they help them maintain healthy teeth:

  • Fiber-rich foods like whole grains, fruits, and vegetables help their teeth and gums stay clean. These types of foods help produce saliva, which helps eliminate harmful substances from their mouth.
  • Cheese and other dairy products add minerals like calcium and phosphorus back into their teeth. This strengthens their tooth enamel. They also help produce saliva to wash away bacteria and food particles.
  • Nuts and seeds are a great snack for teeth because they are rich in vitamins and minerals. Just take caution which ones you give your child, since many nuts can be difficult for them to chew.

As your child gets older, it can be more difficult to control their diet. However, by teaching them about nutrition early on, and encouraging them to pay attention to how it impacts their health, you set them on the right path for a healthy lifestyle.

During your child’s cleaning and exam, we can help you both learn about the right type of foods to consume for strong teeth and healthy gums. For tips on nutrition for healthy teeth in Littleton, call us today at 720-615-6087 to schedule an appointment or schedule one online.

Common Questions About Nutrition for Healthy Teeth

How does my child’s diet impact their teeth?

In order for your child’s teeth to grow and develop correctly, it’s essential for them to have a healthy diet. When they consume lots of sugar or processed foods, it attracts bacteria that can weaken their tooth enamel and damage their oral health. Good dietary habits can protect their gums and strengthen their teeth.

How do I improve my child’s diet?

When we perform a cleaning and exam on your child, we can provide tips and suggestions on ways you can improve their diet. We can recommend healthy snacks, as well as offer suggestions for introducing your child to unfamiliar nutritious foods. You should also limit snacking, since it can leave food particles and bacteria on your child’s teeth. This leaves them susceptible to decay.

What nutrition advice do you have for a child not on solid foods yet?

Even though your child isn’t eating solid foods, there are still steps you can take to improve their oral health through nutrition. Avoid putting your child to bed with a bottle of milk or any sugary drink. This fluid can remain in their mouth and produce bacteria that harms their teeth, causing baby bottle tooth decay. Instead give them a pacifier or a bottle filled with water.

What foods are healthy for my child’s teeth?

If you want a healthy smile, you’ll want a diet rich in whole grains, fiber, fruits and vegetables, calcium, and lean proteins. Make sure you avoid sugary drinks or sticky sweets, which can damage your tooth enamel. Drink plenty of water too! This washes away bacteria from your teeth and gums.

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