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Protect Your Child’s Teeth With Dental Sealants in Littleton

In order to maintain a healthy smile, it’s important you help your child develop good oral hygiene habits. Brushing and flossing regularly are essential to avoiding cavities and preventing other dental health problems. Yet even with thorough cleaning at home, it can be hard to reach all the places that bacteria likes to hide. That’s why we’re excited to offer dental sealants in Littleton. This preventive care can:

  • Stop cavities from developing on the chewing surface of back teeth
  • Provide an extra layer of protection against bacteria
  • Eliminate the need for costly treatment later down the road
  • Last for several years on your child’s teeth

To help dental decay stay away from your child’s teeth, call us today at 720-615-6087 to schedule an appointment.

Shield Your Child’s Grin With Preventive Treatment

Being proactive about your child’s oral health will help them have strong, healthy teeth throughout their life. Dental sealants and other preventive care services play a crucial part in maintaining your child’s beautiful smile. The CDC shows that children without sealants are six times more likely to experience cavities than those with sealants. This is how our dental sealant treatment works:

  • After your child’s cleaning and exam, we will apply a transparent liquid resin directly to their teeth.
  • This sealant will be hardened using a UV light. It forms a seal on their teeth that creates a barrier against bacteria, acid, and food particles that can cause cavities.
  • During your child’s future appointments, we will examine the sealant to ensure it’s still intact. Rest assured these sealants can last for several years.

Preventive care is the best type of oral care! By staying ahead of your child’s dental health and treating problems when they are small, you can avoid the headache of expensive treatments later on.

For dental sealants in Littleton, and any of our other preventive treatment services, call us today at 720-615-6087 to schedule an appointment. Or schedule one online. Make sure you take advantage of our new patient special. Your child can get a cleaning, exam, and two X-rays for only $109. If they are under the age of 3, they can get this special (without X-rays) for free.

Common Questions About Dental Sealants

What are dental sealants?

Dental sealants are thin coatings that are applied to the surface of your child’s back chewing teeth. Back teeth have large pits and grooves where plaque and bacteria can easily hide. This coating acts as a barrier against bacteria, to prevent cavities and tooth decay. It’s a painless procedure and can last for years.

Why are dental sealants good for children’s teeth?

It’s hard for children to maintain proper oral care, even when you are monitoring their brushing and flossing. Plus, baby teeth have deeper pits and grooves than adult teeth, making it easier for bacteria and food particles to hide. We typically recommend getting dental sealants by the time your child is about 6 years old.

How long do dental sealants last?

While it’s hard to give an exact time frame, sealants can last up to nine years. Since they do fall off, it’s important to bring your child in for their exam every six months so we can monitor the sealant and replace it when necessary. Similar to when the sealant was first placed, the replacement will be a painless procedure.

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