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Empowering Teens In Littleton, CO With Confidence in Their Smile

At Sprout & Bloom Pediatric Dentistry serving Littleton and surrounding communities in Colorado, we understand the teenage years are critical for developing self-esteem and a positive identity, which includes having a healthy, confident smile. Our specialized dental services for teens are designed to address their unique needs in an environment that respects their growing independence.

Why Focus on Dental Health in the Teenage Years?

There are many reasons to focus on teenage oral health, including:

  • Oral Health & Overall Health: Good dental habits established in the teenage years can lead to a lifetime of better health.
  • Aesthetic and Functional Needs: As teens grow, so do their aesthetic and functional dental requirements, including orthodontics and wisdom teeth management. Teeth continue to shift throughout the teenage years, making regular dental exams especially important.

Our Services Tailored for Teens

Our Littleton pediatric dentist, Dr. Allison Davis, offers a full range of oral health care services for teenagers, including but not limited to:

Routine Dental Care

  • Regular check-ups to monitor dental development and oral hygiene.
  • Professional cleanings to prevent dental diseases.
  • Restorative dental procedures like fillings and crowns to repair and protect teeth against further tooth decay.
  • Sealants and fluoride treatments to protect against decay.
  • Custom night guards to protect against teeth grinding (bruxism)
  • Sports guards to protect teeth during physical activity.

Wisdom Teeth Assessment and Management

  • Monitoring the development and eruption of wisdom teeth.
  • Providing guidance or treatment for extraction if necessary.

Sports Dentistry

  • Custom mouthguards to protect against sports-related dental injuries.
  • Education on the importance of protecting the mouth during physical activity.

Building Healthy Dental Habits

Educating teens and their parents and caregivers on the importance of maintaining dental health is a cornerstone of our practice. Our experienced pediatric dental team provides guidance on:

  • Effective Brushing and Flossing: Tailoring techniques that fit into a busy teen lifestyle.
  • Diet and Oral Health: Understanding the impact of diet on teeth, including the effects of sugar, sodas, and sports drinks.

Our Commitment to a Positive Environment

We strive to make our clinic a place where teens feel comfortable and respected. Dr. Davis and our team are experienced in addressing the concerns and anxieties that teens might have about dental procedures and aesthetics. We also offer several options for sedation to ensure your teen’s comfort and peace of mind.

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We invite you to schedule your teen’s next dental visit with us at Sprout & Bloom Pediatric Dentistry in Littleton, Colorado. Let us support your teen in achieving a healthy, beautiful smile that will boost their confidence throughout their critical teenage years.

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Common Questions About Dentistry for Teens

How can I make sure my teen takes good care of their teeth?

Since your teen wants to feel like you are treating them like an adult, you should simply remind them it’s their responsibility to take care of their oral health. If they start neglecting basic dental hygiene habits like brushing their teeth or flossing, caution them about the damage caused by tooth decay and gum disease. The best way to help your teen is by providing a good example yourself. Make sure you take good care of your own teeth and visit the dentist for regular cleanings and exams.

What type of common dental issues do teens face?

Many teens struggle with cavities and gum disease. Since they are often making their own choices about what they eat during the day, they may consume extra sugar and snacks that can cause damage to their teeth and gums. In addition, many teens discover smoking at this time as well, which can cause several oral health and overall health problems. This is also the time when teens may get their wisdom teeth. Dr. Alli will work to coordinate care with an oral surgeon if extraction is needed.

Why should my teen see a pediatric dentist?

Even though your teen will have all their permanent teeth, it’s still important they visit a dentist who understands their unique needs and challenges. Dr Alli and her team are trained to care for teeth and gums that are still in development. She also can also help your teen learn about the types of foods and hygiene practices that benefit their oral health.

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