October kicks off a pretty sugary season. With trick-or-treating, class parties, and more, you and your child will probably indulge in more treats than usual. This can mean bad things for your smiles – but it doesn’t have to. You can have your treats and eat them too, as long as you make better candy choices.

This short video walks you through some of the best and worst options for candy. 

If you are chocolate lovers, you’ll be glad to know it’s the best choice for your family’s dental health. That’s because it melts easily and washes away from teeth. Since it’s not on teeth for long, it doesn’t have a lot of time to do any damage. Contrast that to the bad candies in the video. They’re not only super sugary, they’re sticky too. They cling to teeth and can be tough to remove. So they are more likely to cause cavities and other problems. 

In addition to making smart choices for treats, make sure your child brushes every day with fluoride toothpaste and flosses too. Bring them to our Littleton, CO office every six months for an exam and cleaning. And ask us about sealants and fluoride treatments. Both of these services can give them added protection against cavities. 

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