It’s basketball and wrestling season. These are both activities that call for sports mouthguards, according to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Dental Association.

You can get custom mouthguards for all the athletes in your family at Sprout and Bloom Pediatric Dentistry in Littleton, CO. Call 720-637-1760 to make your appointment for these reasons.

More Comfort

Custom mouthguards are made from a mold of the individual’s teeth. This makes them smaller and more comfortable to wear.

Better Protection

The custom fit also provides greater protection. It’s similar to the protection provided by a five-point harness used by professional race car drivers compared to the seat belts in your family care. Both provide protection, but one is better to use in situations where high-speed collisions are more likely.

Breathe Easier

Over-the-counter mouthguards are often bulky. This can make speaking and even breathing difficult. With a smaller mouthguard, athletes can speak and breathe without needing to remove their protection.

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